Our expert team of Graphic Designers & visualizers can help to adapt designs developed by agencies to all packaging formats - cartons, labels etc. We expertise in converting master designs to layered artwork and print ready files. Our premedia studio is well- equipped to execute and manage the following type of creative work:

  • Design Adaptations – master designs are re-created to adaptive artworks for varying packaging formats and substrates. Example layouts created for cartons adapted to pouches or labels.
  • Image files to layered artwork - master designs are recreated to layered artwork and print ready files.
  • Additional Promos – addition of new promotional messages and graphics on existing artworks.
  • Developing Master Designs - develop master designs for carton, flexible pouches, labels etc. The end product is print ready file and doesnot require any further premedia process.
  • Image Enhancement – professionally managed color retouching and color management process to enhance visual impact of brand imagery.
  • Packaging to POS promtions  – extending packaging designs to point of sale promotional artworks.